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mcallisterj2: Photograph of Horace Mann School taken on 1895.

Chris Sullivan: The view of Trinity Church from the intersection of Clarendon and Stuart Street. The date of the original photo is unknown but compared to the image from Febuary of 2017 there have been many changes to the area. The most dramatic of these changes being the addition of the Hancock Tower.

 Jared Hagerty: A view of the Boston Public Garden looking across the pond where the duck boats park. Original photo was taken in December, 1965

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Jared Hagerty: A photo of the city of Boston from across the Charles River while standing on the Longfellow Bridge. Original photo was taken in April 1959.

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Geoffrey Farrell: The view down Exeter Street looking from Huntinton Avenue by the Copley Hotel. Original photo take March 22, 1913



Geoffrey Farrell: View of Boylston Street and Clarendon Street intersection with Trinity Church. Original photo taken 1941



Kazimir Sheputa: This is a view of Arlington Street from Boylston Street looking towards the south. The original photo was taken in 1913.



Timothy Murphy: Boylston Street Police and Fire station on the corner Boylston and Hereford Street from 1911 compare to 2017.  The police station has since closed, the fire station remains active, and the outside of the building itself hasn’t changed much.


Rachel Willcutt: This is the before (1911) and after picture of the New South Church located in Copley Square. The picture shows the commercial change in the area with a sweetgreen now open in front of the church.

Julian Peters: Horace Mann School circa 1869-1913 compared to present day where the building has transformed into shops

Julian Peters: Train system exiting onto Huntington circa 1880-1970 compared to todays updated trains as well as a new Northeastern building