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Joe Fratoni: The Charles Street image looking towards the Charles/MGH stop. Not much has changed in this area until very recently. In 2007, Elkus Manfredi renovated the Charles MGH stop to create an easily accessible, gateway into Boston.

Tucker Durant: January 1973 picture of Phillips Drug Company store, which is now a CVS/Pharmacy. Also in the picture evidence of pedestrian bridges to the Charles/MGH Station on the Red Line, which was redone in 2007.


Tucker Durant: January 1973 picture of Clough and Shackley was a drug store on the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets. Today it is a Starbucks.

Tucker Durant: July 1973 picture of the front of the Gary Drug Company store. The direction of travel on the street has changed to a one way in the opposite direction.


Amanda Gladysz: April 1948 capture of the intersection of Cambridge St and Joy St depicting the incline of the street for street cars that would take passengers into the tunnel towards Cambridge. This was built during the East Boston tunnel extension in 1916.



Megan Serafin: This is the view looking up Charles St, opposite of Boston Common.



Megan Serafin: This is a drug store on Charles St.



Megan Serafin: This is a view of buildings on Charles St.



Tyler La Fronz: A view of the Arlington Street station entrance before the re-engineering and removal of the Entrance from the Public Gardens.


Joshua Martin: These two photos are of the Outbound Park Street Sub Station. However the one on the left is from roughly the 1940's. There was a major remodel in the 1970's which is the reason for the major changes between the photos.



Paul Sorrentino: This is a view of the corners of Anderson St and Revere Streets on Beacon Hill. The building itself has remained mostly unchanged over the last century, but the adjacent buildings have changed.

Brandon Werner: This is the view of Cambridge Street looking towards the North End. The T line has since been rerouted, and the tracks have been removed. Now, a central curb dominates the center of the streetscape. 


Timothy Murphy: View from the stairs of the State House of Park Street, the commons, and the skyline from about 1903-1914 compared to 2017.  Park Street Church and other buildings on Park Street still remain, the major changes are seen in the skyline with the addition of the Millennium Tower, State Street Banking Building, and several other buildings.


Jake Springer: View from Tremont Street looking down Park Street, parallel to the Boston Commons, to the State House

Rally Wheaton: Lincoln Emancipation Statue Park Square, Boston. Statue and surroundings in 1880 vs. 2017.


Tyler Stinson: This is a perspective looking down Park Street from the State House. This view also shows the transitions from carrages to automobiles.






Mary Sbabo: This slider is of #66 Beacon Street which is located across from where the Public Gardens meets the Common. The location currently is a starbucks and from the before and after it can be seen how cars have changed from the 70’s to now. 


Devereux Sgammato: This slider depicts the corner of West st. and Tremont st. The picture was taken at a position across from 149 Tremont st, at the beginning point of Bostons Freedom trail.

Devereux Sgammato: This slider depicts the Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment in the Civil War. This memorial is located across from the front entrance to the Massachusetts State House, in the most elavated part of the Common.

Daniel Schroedl: Benjamin Franklin Statue in 1856 and 2017. The old city hall behind it burned down in the 1872 fire. 

On the corner of Charles Street and Cambridge Street, this building has been torn down and turned into a parking lot. -Blenkhornj

Jeff Nessralla: On the left of the slider shows 66 Beacon Street from 1965 and the right image shows it from 2017. The main difference in the images is that the build is now a Starbucks.