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Demitri Baker: Front facade of Savin Hill Station. Past(1927), Present(2017).

Demitri Baker: Photo of the intersection of Dorchester Ave. and Savin Hill Ave. Past(1948), Present(2017).

Demitri Baker: Looking west along the platform in Fields Corner Station. Past(1927), Present(2017).

Keven Mulcahy: Photos of past, 1973, and present, Feb. 2017, on the corner of Arcadia Street and Adams Street in the Dorchester neighborhood. This Gothic structure was built between the years of 1874 and 1885.


Keven Mulcahy: Photos of past, 1890, and present, Feb. 2017, at the intersection of Dorchester Ave and Adams Street in the Dorchester neighborhood. During the 127-year gap between pictures there has been a great deal of change.


 Janeseey Simon:The picture ofthe left is Field Corner Station taken on Nov 14 1927. The photo to the right was taken in Feburary 2017.

Olivia Falkenstein: The following shows Saint Peter's Parish in Dorchester over the last fifty years or so. The first is a view of Saint Peter's Parish from the middle of Coppens Square across Bowdoin St.