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East Boston

Callahan Tunnel: Old picture is the traffic tunnel in early constrction in 1931. Now it is called the Callahan tunnel and it hols the route to east Boston. 


Giuseppe Barletta: View of East Boston Central Catholic from London street. Not much has changed either functionality wise or physically at this location.



Giuseppe Barletta: This is a view of Constitution Beach from Bayswater street in East Boston. Not much has changed except the new Chelsea Street Bridge in the skyline and the new Orient Heights Yacht Club.

Giuseppe Barletta: This is a view of the Orient Height Yacht Club on Bayswater Street. This recreation was difficult to capture because the original building burnt down in April of 2000. This new buliding was completed in early 2005. This yacht club is the oldest incorperated yacht club in Massachusetts.


The evolving skyline of Boston

marchanda, These pictures are of the Grace Church Federated that is located at 760 Saratoga St. in East Boston. The historic picture on the left was taken in the year 1990.

marchanda, These pictures are of the Jewish Temple of Ohabei Shalom located at 147 Wordsworth St. in East Boston. The historic photo on the left was taken in the year 1990.



Kaylah Rose: The old Firehouse on East Boston’s Sumner Street was turned into Zumix. Zumix is a nonprofit dedicated to building the community through music.

Kaylah Rose: The old Barnes School was transformed into the Barnes Pace Center. The school closed in the 1980’s and after years of being abandoned, it was renovated and opened as a health center in 2007.

Kaylah Rose: Wood Island was one of many MBTA stations that went through renovation to make the station large enough to fit six rather than four train carts as well as making the stations handicap accessible. It was difficult to get a good recreation photo because the changes were so drastic.




These photos are of the center of Day Square in 1990 (left) and 2017 and the slider was created by Rachel Bonia. The square has a newer space right in the center that has been converted to a half-green-space-half-parking lot. The area had just been updated around 1990 as you can see in the billboard, East Bostonians were celebrating "The New Day Square."