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Faneuil Hall

Joe Fratoni: Faneuil Hall Then and Now. The most significant changes to Faneuil hall is the landscape and the city skyline. Faneuil hall itself has maintained its original purpose throughout the last 200 years.

Casey Germain: Samuel Adams statue at Faneuil Hall Photo circa 1973

 JD Walsh: Dock Square Bby Faneuil Hall, a great example of how vast change can be. A simple store front becomes a large parking garage.


Faneuil Hall has not changed structurally since its creation in 1742 however the use of Faneuil has changed and it is now home to shoping and dining establishments. Although the buildings at Faneuil hall and Quincy Market havent changed all to dramtically the city around Government center has changed drastically since this picture was taken.


This is a Photo outside Fanuiel Hall by Quincy market at 1970 and 2017. Ryan Love


These photos were taken in 1964 (left) and 2017 by Rachel Bonia. Faneuil Hall has not changed but the 2017 photo shows how the area around it has changed immensely in the last 50 or so years. The marketplace has grown, buildings have sprung up in the background, and the area is now known as a social focal point.


Ryan Love: This is a picture by the Boston Harbor looking back over Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market back at the State Building