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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Used to be the Fenway Court of Boston. The court was bought by Isabella who was a well known art collecter. Now it is an art museum housing European and asian art.


Brandon Werner: The Martin Milmore School in Fenway has not changed very much, but the skyline has drastically as Boston become more gentrified through globalization


Freddy Pendleton: The transformation of Kenmore Square from c. 1911 to 2017. The original photo was taken before or during the construction of Fenway Park.

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Martin O'Donnell: Boston Latin School main entrance shown from 1920 and 2017

Martin O'Donnell: The Gardener museum shown from 1920 and 2017

Chris McDonnell: St. Mary's Station Circe 1921 as compared to 2017. Note changes made to the public transit, as well as public regulations around the station.

Joshua Liebla:

[Left] Passengers boarding a subway car at Symphony Station, 1929 (later corrected to approximately 1941)

[Right] Passengers waiting in Symphony Station as a subway car apporaches, 2017


Robert Parent: Though the Romanesque architecture remains almost perfectly intact, the infrastructure and city scape has grown around it.



Dominique Comeau: Huntington Avenue 1941 vs today 2017. Image taken on Huntington Ave facing outbound towards Symphony Hall and Northeastern University.


Rally Wheaton: Symphony Station rear platform, passengers waiting for the Green Line. Station in 1929 vs. Station in 2017.

Eddie Silva: This photo is of the Simmons College Dormitory. It is at the intersection of Brookline Ave and Pilgram Road. This Photo was originally taken in 1957. 


Patrick Thompson: The photo is looking east on huntington ave.  The original photo was taken in 1941


Sjaak Velthoven: The Museum of Fine Arts from Huntington Avenue


Sjaak Velthoven: The Isabella Gardner Museum 1920 and now


M.Elaine: Trade High School for Girls turned complex of Offices for lease.


Michael Porto: Commonwealth Ave West of Copley Square has change alot in 97 years.

My username is Hadeeen, and this a picture of the corner of Newbury street and Mass Ave. All of the stores have changed but the buildings are all still there.

Submitted by user hibyanb. Here we can see a Simmons dormitory's changes over time.

Photo Credits: Before City of Boston After Brian Hibyan

My username is Hadeeen and these images are taken at the Simmons college dormitories. They have not changed much since they it was originally taken in the early 20th century.


Conner Theberge: This slider shows what used to be the Teacher's College (Boston State College) until the mid 1980's, where it merged with UMass Boston, and this site was aquired by MassArt. 

Brandon McCarthy: Taken on Huntington Ave, this slider shows when the E train, of the Green Line, first emerges from underground. The left side of the train line consists of a new building (Dodge Hall) of Northeastern, which covers Northeastern's other building which is present in the old photo.

Brandon McCarthy: This slider shows the change of the rear alley behind 106 Hemenway St, looking South towards Huntington Ave. A new building or edition on the right side juts out into part of the alleyway. 

Marcus Bernier: This slider depicts a view down both Commonwealth Ave. and Beacon St. as seen from the corner of Brookline Ave. This site varies drastically today from the original picture (taken Nov. 14 1911). A few things that stand out in the picture on the right are the Kenmore Square bus terminal, and the Prudential Center as well as the many modern day buildings. Some structures such as the buildings on the left hand side of the picture and the building with the connical tower in the middle left remain consistent in both images.


 This Picture shows the modern advancements in the railway system and how they compare the time when the train was built.  But it also shows how through all the modern advancements there is much of the same structure still intact.

Julian Peters: The Martin Milmore School here is still present but currently shut down and abandoned, the surrounding neighborhood has gained some new buildings in the background.