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Financial District

Owen Madden: View of South Station (1921-2017)

Farida Aboulezz: View from Summer Street Bridge over Fort Point Channel 1964-1970

Amanda Gladysz: 1954 photo of the Devonshire water main break at the intersection of Federal and Franklin St looking towards Devonshire St. The federal building in the back still exists prominently along with the addition of an entirely new building that defines the street corner.

Kazimir Sheputa: This is a view of the Northeast side of the Winthrop Building, which was the first steel framed skyscraper in Boston. The original photo was taken in 1904.



Cody Farragher: This is a view of the Jordan Marsh & Company building in 1958 on Summer Street in the financial district. Jordan Marsh & Company eventually merged with Macy's Inc. and was converted to the current Macy's that is in that building today.



Chris Sullivan: This is a view of the area near what was Scollay Square looking easterly on Cornhill from opposite Franklin Avenue. The second image shows the dramatic chages that took place in creating Boston's City Hall Plaza.

Tyler La Fronz: A look onto the US Custom House from before the tower was added.


Paul Sorrentino: This building sits on the corner of Summer St and Otis St. There is a stark difference between old and new at this location, with the modern Milennium Tower now dominating the background


Jake Springer: This building is on the corner of Summer Street and Bedford Street located near between the Financial District and the Boston Commons

Janeseey Simon: These pictures are of South Station taken in 1921 and 2017.

Danny Stevens: This slider depicts Boston City Hall during its early construction stages in 1964 to present day City Hall Plaza. Initial changes seen are the development of the raised plaza and the buildings that would be constructed soon after the completion of City Hall.


Patrick Jochim : These pictures show the development of the Intersection of Devonshire and Franklin Street. The archived photo is from 1954 when a main water pipe bursted on Devoshire Street.

Dylan Freitas: This is a view of the Old Statehouse from circa 1900. Obvious changes include large highrise buildings such as the State Street building behind the Old Statehouse. The Old Statehouse remaines unchanged however the "State" train stop has been added underneath.


Shane McNamara: The Marriot Hotel located on Long Wharf. Slider shows building under construction and then a finished product as seen today.


Shane McNamara: Haymarket Train station entrance. Shows the differnece between the T stations in 1934 and today.

Katlyn Nguyen: The 101 Milk Street Building and the buildings surrounding it became a group of high rises. The building on the right of it was torn down and made into a park with an underground garage.

Daniel Schroedl: City hall under construction in 1964 and in 2017. The city hall plaza has changed drastically with the plaza being raised in Goverment Center. The area around City Hall has changed immensly with sky scrapers both in the West End and Finnancial Distrct. 

Old State House 1976 vs. Present Day 2017

marchand, These pictures are of Blagden St. from Exeter St. looking Easterly within the Financial District. The historic picture on the left was taken on March 22, 1913.

Howie: The picture on the left is what the Atlantic Wharf looked like during the 1960s while the picture on the right is present day. All of the buildings have been updated or replaced and the Tea Party museum has been built in the river.