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Shaun Hanafin: The Steaming Kettle/JFK Building/Govt. Center Station in Government Center. 1968 and 2017

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Shaun Hanafin: Side of Sears Crescent Building under construction 1967-68 and 2017- a Starbucks.

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Shaun Hanafin: JFK building under construction 1963-66. And in 2017, having long been completed. 

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Shaun Hanafin: Boston City Hall under construction in 1967 and today, in 2017, still in use. 

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David Machon: Looking south towards Old State House at 206 Washington St.

Owen Swanson: Government Center: Bowdoin Square looking south. The original picture was taken in 1968.

Kyle Kinz: The Bowdoin train station is for the red line, the original picture was taken in 1967. The station entrance remains untouched but the surrounding area has become more aesthetically pleasing. 

Kyle Kinz: The "new" city hall finished construction in 1968, when this original photo was taken. The city surrounding the hall has gone through an urban renewal and made to look more aesthetically pleasing. The hall remains a monument over looking goverment center.

Ken Costa: Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market as they appeard from 1970 to 2017. The streets have been modified to allow greater and safer foot traffic throughout these popular destinations.

Boston City Hall in 1964 and 2017.

Benjamin Franklin Statue Boston in 1856 and 2017.

Tom Cleary:

The difference in the size of the buildings from 1968 to 2017.  What was once a small 3 story building was turned into a multi-story building.  

Curtis Dragone: Quincy Market as it appeared between 1970-1980. The trees are noticeably taller and the outdoor seating has been updated.



Curtis Dragone: The Old State House.