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Jamaica Plain

Owen Swanson: Centre Street and South Street, Soldiers Monument. The original picture was taken circa 1960-1980.

Zach Shelton: 536 Center Street in Jamacia Plain, Boston. Original photo taken in 1926.

Jack Mailloux: Jamaica Pond, view from Pond Street in Jamaica Plain, Boston. Original photo taken in 1894.

Jack Mailloux: Schoolmaster Hill in Franklin Park in Jamaica Plain, Boston. Orginal photo taken in 1907.

 Chris Kaberle: Photo taken of Ben and Grace's tombstone Located in the Arboretum.

Chris Kaberle: Photo taken of the Boston skyline from the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. The older photo was taken in 1975, the most recent being from 2017. 


Gianfranco Paterno: With these photos we can clearly see how although they have kept up the look of this building with modern times, it still has much of its original character which adds to the historical appeal of the building.  The address of this building is now 24 Wakullah Street, and was built in 1905.