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Casey Germain: Photo circa 1973 Paul Revere Statue between St. Stephen's and Old North Church

Casey Germain: St. Stephen's Church, North End, Boston

Amanda Gladysz: 1948 photo on Hanover Street looking towards St. Stephen's church between Fleet Street and Prince Street. 

M. Elaine: Here are images of the Paul Revere House today and ~100 years ago when it housed immigrants and a small shop.


Sam Morin: This photo shows the Paul Revere House in around 1890 and then how it is today.


Craig Mizzoni: This photo features the Granary Burial Ground facing Tremont St. The historic photo was taken ca. 1970s.

Craig Mizzoni: This photo features a broken headstone in the Granary Burial Grounds, which currently has fallen apart completely. The historic photo was taken ca. 1970s.


 Steven Santos: Here is a view of the Mercantile Wharf building from Christopher Columbus Park. 



Brendan Halton: Photos of past and present park within the North End, Boston. The dramatic change of buildings being demolished and the additional playground equipment added to the park.




Ethan Levin: Old North Church.

Peace Garden by Max King

The Peace Garden of St. Leonard’s Church in 1978 and 2017. These pictures are both taken from handover street looking towards the church. This garden is the entrance to the first Roman Catholic Church in the North End. 




Paul Reveres House by Max King

The Paul Revere House in 2017 and in 1978. The House has not changed in the time period between these two photos because on the fact that the house became a museum and was preserved before 1978. 



Anthony Milani: Paul Revere Mall in April 1978 compared to October 2017. A majority of the mall is the same, but there are a few newer plaques on the walls and some of the bricks in the walkway have been replaced


Anthony Milani: The Mercantile Mall on Richmond Street. The building itself is largely unchanged, but the businesses have likely changed between the unspecified date the original photo was taken and now

Anthony Milani: The North Branch of the Boston Public Library on Parameter Street. The structure of the building is similar, but the sign has been replaced and the entrance has been revamped since 1967.

Matt Rothermel: Snow Hill St, North End, Boston, MA

Snow Hill St. was part of the route PauL Revere took to warn the colonists of the incoming British attack.


Matt Rothermel: Paul Revere Mall, North End, Boston, MA

The Paul Revere Mall, or the Prado is home to many monuments to Paul Revere and all he did for the early states. 


Matt Rothermel: St. Stephen's Church, North End, Boston, MA

St. Stephen's church has seen changes over the years but is still one of the longest running churches in the North End. 


Kevin Forster Snow Hill Pictures

Many things remain the same from 1967 to now, including the main building in front, the building on the right, and the building going up the street on the left.

Kevin Forster North Bennet Street School

Although the black and white picture is only from 1990, you can see some differences including the building at the top of the picture behind the school, and many of the street signs. Many things remain the same, for the most part from this view.

Kevin Forster Endicott Triangle

This is the comparison that I feel has changed the most. Everything past the Endicott Triangle seems changed, the triangle itself has changed, and even smaller things like the street signs have changed.