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South End

Zach Shelton: Boston City Hospital (Boston Medical Center) in South End, Boston. Original picture taken in 1898.

mcallisterj2: Residence of 141 Pembroke Street taken 1975.

Owen Swanson: Boston Center for the Arts. The original picture was taken in September of 1975.

Dan Bober: On the corner of Worcester st and Columbus Ave looking toward the Christian Science Church.

Owen Madden: Urban decay.

Owen Madden: The pictures show the improvement of the South End.

Ken Costa: In 1965, the Prudential center was one of the only buildings in its area. Today, the area is fully developed, and many of the buildings have been built dirtectly over I90.

   Conner Theberge: This slider shows the Louisa May Alcott school where it would have been from 1910 to 1961 

   Conner Theberge: This slider shows the Joshua Bates School, opened in 1884, standing untouched since it's opening.