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West End

Kyle Kinz: This slider shows the changes in the view of the West End from across the Charles River in Cambridge. Most of the buildings here were new and the urban renewal of the West End was beginning.

Tom Cleary:

Right: Charles River Park from across the Charles River 2017

Left: Charles River Park from across the Charles River 1964

Joshua Liebla:

[Left] View of the Cambridge Bridge from Charles Station, 1933

[Right] View of the Longfellow Bridge from Charles/MGH Station, 2017

Tom LeFavor:

[Left] Government Center Right After the Blizzard of 1978, Jan. 1978

[Right] Government Center Today, Feb. 2017

Brandon McCarthy: This slider shows the change of the West End Apartments across the street, behind the footbridge. The building to the right has been rebuilt as residential apartments. A few trees have been added, and some signs were taken down. 


Diego Blanco: On the left side we can se how the Charles river park apartments in the West End looked like. After years passed, those buildings were demolished in order to build what we know today as the West End apartments


Diego Blanco: On the left side we can see the Old West Church from 1968, and on the right side the one from 2017. The church still has the same infrastructure with little changes in the inside. The only big difference that we can se is that right now the church is surrounded with a lot of constructions and trees   


Diego Blanco: This slider shows the early Massachusetts Institute of Technlogy Vs. the MIT from today seen from the other side of the Charles River. 

Jeff Nessralla: The image on the left shows the Old West Church from 1968 and the right image shows it from 2017. Not much has changed in these pictures besides some construction in the background. 

Jeff Nessralla: In this slider, it shows Government Center from 1968 vs how it looked in 2017. The main difference in the picture is the new Government Center stop. 

Howie: The picture on the left show the Florence Furniture company during the 70s. The company has since gone out of business. The building is currently undergoing renovations.