The Boston Commons

The Boston Commons

The Oldest City Park in the United States

The Boston Common: The Boston Common is a large public park located in the heart of Boston. Being the oldest state park in the United States, it has plenty of history to keep one busy for a long time. The Park was built in 1634, and has seen all kinds of bad times, including the executions of people. One women who was depicted in a public hanging was Mary Dyer, who was accused of Witch-craft, thus leading to her death. The Common has seen many tragedies in its time, and even hosted the British troops during the Revolutionary war. Today, the Public park is used to host family events, and fun activities like concerts, fairs, and skating grounds during the winter time. The Boston Common is the official starting point for the Freedom Trail, which is a path that goes through some of the nation’s most historically significant spots in America. If you decide to take a trip along the Freedom Trail, some spots in the Common to check out would be the monuments. The Common has many monuments that make for some great pictures. One monument is the 54th regiment, which honors the first African American fighting unit during the Civil War. This regiment is nationally regarded as some of the fiercest and most brave soldiers to date, and the monument truly captures this. Another monument is the ‘Sailors and Soldiers’, which honors the soldiers who fought for freedom during the Civil War. The Boston Massacre monument is a must-see for any person who enjoys Boston History. The monument represents the death of the first victim, Chrispus Attucks, who was the first Revolutionary War casualty. The monument honors him and the others who fell victim to the Massacre that took place in front of the State House. Even if you do not want to make a day of the Commons, it is a perfect place to take a casual stroll, or just relax by the frog pond. The frog pond is a particularly hot spot at the Common, and during the winter, you are free to skate around under the Christmas lights. The Boston Common is no stranger to sports pride either. During celebrations from major sports events, the people of Boston will march, and create large gatherings to celebrate together. This celebration is commonly captured by news feed, which makes the Common very highlighted in the media. Many movies and TV shows will use the Common to show a nice urban side to Boston, which is a sensation one can feel when taking a trip to the 50-acre park. The Boston Common broke records during a pumpkin festival in 2006. This festival broke the world record for having 30,128 lanterns light simultaneously. The Boston Common is holding events like this all the time, and whether you are looking for a quick walk, or planning a day, the Boston Common is a family friendly place that will welcome all people.

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