About this Project

We are grateful to Bob Severy, whose research for Cedar Grove Cemetery was seminal to this project. We appreciate the support provided by Anthony Paciulli, Director of the Cemetery. Thanks also to Dave Mareira of Wentworth's Management Department for helping us make connections. Also, we are grateful to the support of Marta Crilly and the City of Boston Municipal Archives, for allowing us to feature items from the collection.

Project Teams

Map of Battles in Which Cedar Grove Veterans Fought

  • Connor, Ryan, Julian

Map of Where Cedar Grove Veterans Lived (in Dorchester)

  • Jacob, Benjamin

Map of POWs from Dorchester Killed

  • Noah, Jon

Map of Dorchester Residents Killed

  • Nick, Greg, Matthew, Xenon, Nick, Brian

Introduction to Cedar Grove Cemetery and Dorchester

  • Matt, Matt

Map of Graves in Benjamin Stone, Jr. Lot at Cedar Grove Cemetery

  • Mark, Spencer, Adeline, Alex

Timeline of Boston and Dorchester in the Civil War

  • Kyle, Mason, Tarek

Introduction to Benjamin Stone, Jr.

  • Emerson, Ethan