This image in 1965 is on North Harvard Street shows the historic Harvard Stadium as well as affordable housing projects to the right of the street. The housing projects were demolished as part of Boston’s urban renewal project where the Charlesview apartments were built shortly after. The Charlesview apartments were also demolished and the land is now own by Harvard University and is a part of the Gateway Project. Photo by Bryon Kucharski

These images show the change over time of Brighton Avenue, just East of the intersection of Brighton Ave and Cambridge Street. The noticeable landmarks include the large brick building on the right side of the images and the ARCAND sign on the left side of the images. Through the center it is seen that the once trolley tracks have been transformed in to island barriers. Photo by Colton Burnham

This pair of images show just off the intersection of Brighton Avenue and Harvard Avenue. On the Left of the recreated image there is a billboard in the same location as there was in 1948. Since the 1948 photograph, the "Allston" sign on the right of the image has been demolished. Looking down the center it can be faintly seen the more recent construction projects such as the Prudential building. Photo by Colton Burnham

This picture was taken from the intersection of Harvard Ave. and Brighton Ave facing west down Brighton Ave. Many of the same buildings in the original image remain, but have been updated and repurposed. Anew apartment building was constructed in the back right of the picture. Several buidings were torn down in favor of more modern buildings since the original photo was taken. Photo by: TylerBrennen