Beacon Hill

Beacon Street - Michael Carey

Beacon Street is one of the busy main roads in Boston that starts in the Beacon Hill neighborhood by Tremont Street and also goes through the surrounding towns of Brookline, Brighton, and Newton. The historic image on the left was taken around 1965-1970 and the photo on the right is present day Beacon Street. Looking at the two images, not a lot has changed besides a couple skyscrapers in the distance and the intersection street pattern at Beacon street and Charles street.

Ethan Lopez: The original picture was taken in October of 1965, not much has changed about the building or the immediate area around it except for the traffic. Its very cool to see that after over 50 years, the building and even the sign has not changed that much.

Nate Violette: The view up Chestnut Street has stayed relatively the same. The street level along Charles Street has seen renovations to seem more inviting to the public. The most apparent change has been the trees fully maturing since 1965, hiding the top of the hill.

The original picture, taken sometime between 1965-1970 shows the building on the corner of Charles Street and Beacon Street, across from the Common. There has been no significant change to the buildings facade, however now there is a Starbucks at the ground level.

Matt Cosman: The featured fountain as well as the Public Garden itself have undergone many developments over the years. The original picture was taken somewhere estimated between 1900 to 1940. More bushes and a new fountain have been added, as well as changing the layout of the garden slightly. The most visible change is the development of the city in the background, with tall buildings now in the distance.

Andy DiCarlo: The Charles Street picture taken on January 14, 1973 shows up Branch Street and can see some of the building in the distance through the trees. Main differences from then to now are the trees covering the sky have been removed and smaller trees can be seen growing along the sides of the street, Charles Street Cleaners has been updated a little bit over the years, and the sidewalks have fallen apart over time some.

Matt Cosman: This photo of a street corner on Charles Street in Beacon Hill, taken on July 25, 1965, has not undergone many changes. However, some noticeable differences have occured, as the street has become more modern with updated signage. The same lamp posts have remained as well though, and a new larger tree has grown.

Matt Cosman: This street corner between Mt. Vernon Street and Charles Street has undergone several changes over the years. The original photo was taken on October 31, 1965, and since then new businesses have moved in around the area. Most notably, the area to the side of the entrance of the building has gone from being a small driveway to a seating area for the bakery next door.

Nick Newman: Pinckney St. in terms of structure hasn't changed a whole lot, the biggest difference is the number and size of trees going up the street. It also looks as though the parking went from both sides of the street to only being aloud on one side.

Nick Newman: The slider gives a good example of the historic preservation in the area of Beacon Hill. The store fronts for the most part haven't had any serious changes, and are still easily identified based off the historic photos.