East Boston

This shows the changes of Jeveli's restaurant in Day Square between 1990 and 2018. Jeveli's has been a restaurant in East Boston since 1924. Though the demographics of the neighborhood has changed a lot since the 90s, the architecture has stayed the same. Saffron Mello

This shows the changes between Boston Logan International Airport between 1990 and 2018. Few cosmetic changes can be noticed, however, looking deeper into FAA changes and airline regulations we notice some differences. Zach Sonner

This shows the changes between 2 Meridian Street in East Boston between 1990 and 2018. This building is a bank that has changed hands over the years. It is currently a Santander bank. Zach Sonner

This juxtaposition shows the old Hodge Boiler Works building in East Boston as it sat in 1990 and then in 2019 torn down to an empty lot, with an apartment complex behind it now visible. What once was a factory producing steam engines for boats is now an empty lot, with plans for a brand new apartment complex to take its place. Austen Hauver

This juxtaposition shows the intersection of Sumner and Lewis Streets in 1972 to 2019. This intersection is home to the Maverick Station on the Blue line. Lewis street previously ran down the side of the brick building, but is now a small courtyard instead, featuring a water fountain, bicycle rack and trees. Austen Hauver

This juxtaposition is of Meridian and Condor Streets in East Boston, facing the Chelsea bridge. The only similarities in the buildings is the bay window with awning underneath it on the right hand side. The tracks were removed, there is now a gas station on the left, and the other buildings have been remodeled. Austen Hauver

This is James Otis Elementary School on Marion St in East Boston. The school is 107 years old, but the historical photo was taken in 1984. Not much as changed except for the fact that they moved their fence further back and added more playground material. Keegan Whelan

These images show the Most Holy Redeemer Church on London St. The original picture is from 1994 and the recreation in from 2019. The church has been a staple in the neighborhood and has the same stones and windows. Like most landmarks in East Boston, they do not want to change it so it can add to the culture to the city. Keegan Whelan

These pictures are of the Trinity Neighborhood House in East Boston. The house was originally built in 1847 but became well known after being bought by the Trinity Church in Boston in 1917. There are no changes in the house between the two pictures because it would not be illegal to get rid of the brick on the outside because it is a East Boston Landmark. Keegan Whelan

There are very minute changes between the two pictures of the Engine 40 firehouse due to this being a landmark, small changes like making the outside of the building more eye appealing with fresh paint have been done. Joshua Feliz The first Presbyterian Church in east Boston, has sustained small changes, only adding posters and some trees in front for appearance purposes. The surrounding area remains with heavy traffic. Joshua Feliz Day square remains relatively intact with the changes of different businesses. This continues to be a high traffic area, and notice how the skyline behind has been changing slowly with new construction. Joshua Feliz

This shows the changes in 172 Bremen Street since the early 1900's. A lot of the area has been renovated, but still serves it's purpose as housing. Despite the buildings now blocking out the balconies, most of those balconies are still there and remain unchanged, surprisingly. -Spencer Janse

This shows the house of Donald McKay, a famous ship designer and builder, from 1977 to today. The house is now in a bit of disrepair, and shrouded by trees, but has a placard to commemorate McKay. -Spencer Janse

This image shows all of White Street's historical buildings. This includes: William Waters Jr. Mansion, Donald McKay House, Sylvans Smith House, and All Souls Church. This area is otherwise known as a part of the Eagle Hill Historic District. -Spencer Janse