Government Center

Government Center: City Hall under construction - Matthew Perconti

Boston's City hall was built in 1963, located downtown in the government center. The historical picture was taken in 1966, during the building's construction between 1963 and 1968. In the recreated picture, you can see the city hall, with new buildings that have been erected since then in the background.

Government Center: Sears Crescent Building - Matthew Perconti

The Sears Crescent Building is located just outside of the Government Center T Station. It is home to many small shops and businesses on the ground level and assorted uses above. The historical photo was taken around 1967- 1968, while the building was being repaired. In the new photo, you can see that there have been many additions to the plaza around the building.

Government Center: Bowdoin Square Station - Matthew Perconti

This historical picture of the Bowdoin Square T station was taken in 1970, give or take two years. Even though much of the surrounding area to this station have changed, the eye catching architecture of the station entrance have not changed.

This is the old buildings of #99-107 Court St, taken in 1912, now destroyed as a part of the redevelopment of Government Center. It is now Cambridge St, in 2019. In these sliders the Government Center hasn't really changed a lot. The Government Center is always debated on whether or not it is a ugly building. The buildings surrounding it has a very different architectural design. The one area is the Government Plaza where it changed. There is an area where people can sit and hang out.

Connor Gallant: The government center garage has changed throughout the years. The building with the rafters in the back is now completely blocked by a new building. The spot where the picture was actually taken was in the middle of the block of 1 Canal St., but there are currently apartments in the original spot. The second building now has LED lights up on the top to light up the surrounding area. The street has also changed greatly with the amount of sidewalk added and lights that took away the parking lot.