1984 to 2019 - In these two photos the most noticeable difference is the building store fronts. The large old style text is now changed with a more modern, bold text and the building to the right of the alley isn't a used furniture store anymore, it is up for lease. robbiescott

1968 to 2019 - In the last 50 years, the main thing about Fallon Field that has changed is the size of the park. In 1968, it was much smaller, whereas nowadays it is multiple times larger. - Jonathon Macone

1948 to 2019 - Immediately, the most obvious difference between Roslindale Square in 1948 and 2019 is the modernization of the square. There are now traffic lights, new buildings, crosswalks, and of course modern vehicles. - Jonathon Macone

Structurally, the Mozart School is mostly the same today as it was when the original photo was taken (circa 1920-1960). The main differences are the new door, smaller flag pole, and an increased amount of greenery around the building. - Jonathon Macone